Embrace and Harness the U.S. Energy Renaissance

January 13, 2017

As the Trump administration comes into office and the new Congress begins work, a sea-change is needed in the way Washington approaches American oil and natural gas abundance. It’s critically important for consumers, the U.S. economy and our country’s security.

We need policies that embrace and harness America’s energy renaissance instead of trying to restrain it. We need an approach to regulation that manages safe and responsible energy development instead of smothering it in short-sighted, often unnecessary restrictions and red tape. API President and CEO Jack Gerard at this month’s State of American Energy event:

“Our global community will need more energy, and oil and natural gas will continue to be the dominant source for decades to come. The only question up for debate is which nations will help meet future energy demand. The ongoing American oil and natural gas development and refining renaissance has made it clear that the United States can help meet that need. But to achieve that goal we need smart pro-growth energy policies that promote safe and responsible energy development and recognize the central role that fossil fuels will play in meeting future energy demand.” 

Marty Durbin, API executive vice president and chief strategy officer, talked about the need for new approaches – in terms of access to public oil and natural gas reserves, regulation and industry-government collaboration – during a conference call with reporters. During the call, Durbin highlighted a number of ways energy progress has been hindered, blocking benefits to individuals, families and the country as a whole: 

  • Access – The number of onshore drilling permits issued on federal land dropped 47 percent between 2008 and 2015...

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