Fracking Saves the Day

January 4, 2016

Unless you live in North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, or one of the world's other communist or socialist nations, 2015 was a pretty good year. This in spite of all that leftists in the U.S. and elsewhere could do to spoil it.

The U.S. economy advanced by 2%, Japan by 0.5%, and Europe by less than 0.5% (not good, but better than 2014). India's economy grew by more than 7%, and China, if you believe state reporting agencies, grew by 6.8%. Global wage growth was strong, especially in developing markets. According to Aon Hewitt, wages were predicted to finish higher in 2015, with estimates for North America of 3.0%, Europe 3.7%, Asia Pacific 5.8%, Latin America 5.9%, and Africa 8.0%.


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