Ohio drillers say 6 shale counties saw $43M tax bump

February 10, 2017

Oil-and-gas drillers in Ohio have paid $43 million in property taxes to local governments and schools in six shale counties since 2011, according to a report released Thursday.

The finding by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and Energy In Depth Ohio, a natural-gas research and education group, comes as Republican Gov. John Kasich has renewed calls for a severance-tax increase on the industry.

Kasich's proposed two-year, $66.9 billion operating budget raises $448 million from the severance-tax increase. The increase would combine with other tax reforms to pay for a net statewide income-tax reduction of $39 million.

Thursday's report shows Belmont, Carroll, Harrison, Noble, Monroe and Guernsey counties have seen a combined 22 percent revenue boost from the longstanding ad valorem real estate property tax, amid a 35-fold increase in natural gas production.

"I've heard from many county commissioners and other elected officials, community leaders in eastern and southeastern Ohio, who've told me that they've had their budgets saved, thanks to the millions of new tax dollars rolling into their coffers," said U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, a Marietta Republican whose district spans much of Appalachian Ohio...

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