Oil and gas drilling permits remain strong in Ohio, Pa.

January 7, 2018

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued 80 oil and gas permits in Ohio's Utica, Point Pleasant and Marcellus shale plays in the final two months of 2017.

That's up 10 from the 70 permits issued during that same time period in 2016.

Across the southeastern Ohio region where the horizontal drilling is focused, there are now 2,236 wells drilled and 1,787 wells producing in the Utica/Point Pleasant shale.

In Belmont County, there were 16 permits issued for oil or gas wells in the Utica/Point Pleasant shales in November 2017. Nine of the permits were for sites in Goshen Township - six for legs of the "Del Scorcho" well site; two at the "Walking Tall" well and one at the Iron Warrior. Drilling has commenced on five of the permits.

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