Oil and Gas Industry is Great for State

August 17, 2014

Columbus Dispatch

Letter to the Editor

Like the coal industry, the oil and gas industry has been good to Ohio, and this is especially true in the southeastern part of the state.

Yes, we have drilling operations going on all of the time. And yes, we have more truck traffic. But, we must remember that these are hardworking people earning a living, and by doing so, they are bringing much-needed dollars into the area.

Workers in the oil and gas industry buy supplies, food and clothing and pay rent for their families.

And each dollar that they spend in the area has a multiplier of five to six times in overall business generation.

Because of Washington, the economy of the country has been suffering. And, as we all know, Ohio’s economy has suffered along with the nation.

The shale-drilling operations have helped to lower the high level of unemployment that has existed here for some time. Ohio needs jobs and we all should be thankful for the jobs and business that the oil and gas industry is providing.



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