Pipeline proponents respond to Myths and Misinformation

December 4, 2012

York News Times

Proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline recently held a public forum in York, NE, to dispel what they call "myths and A few clips from the article are below.  Link to entire article is at end.  

... Rubin stressed that “pipelines are the safest method to move energy products,” and he reminded the group that Keystone’s pipeline headquarters have been in Omaha since the 1980s, “so they’ve been part of Nebraska for decades.”

... “We think this is good for America,” Rubin continued. “It will reduce our reliance on OPEC by 40 percent. It will give our economy a shot in the arm by creating approximately 9,000 direct jobs nationally. It will create tax revenue and private capital investments.”

... Rubin also said the pipeline will avoid the Sandhills, sandy soils and sensitive groundwater areas “based on the map from the state and federal regulatory agencies. And remember, this new route was based on public input.

... “Pipelines have been crossing safely across the aquifer for 60 years without incident. Obviously, we are concerned about safety, but it has been done safely and this pipeline will be even safer,” Rubin continued.

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