Talk Infrastructure - Build Keystone XL Pipeline

May 11, 2015

Energy Tomorrow

Vice President Joe Biden underscored the administration’s call for infrastructure spending during a Bloomberg Government event that focused on the country’s deteriorating delivery and transportation systems. Some highlights:

  • The Washington politics of infrastructure spending is challenging. “The idea that there is a debate on the Hill on the need to invest in infrastructure is mind blowing,” Biden said.
  • The world’s energy epicenter is North America, and the U.S. needs major investments in energy infrastructure. “We will face a national security dilemma” if we don’t enhance our energy infrastructure, he said.
  • Companies need to have certainty that they can get their products to market efficiently.

Let’s pause a moment and consider these valid points on infrastructure from the vantage point of this administration’s crowning infrastructure decision (or non-decision): the Keystone XL pipeline.

In the Keystone XL, the administration has had the opportunity – for more than six years – to green light $5.4 billion in private infrastructure spending that would create jobs, boost the economy and transport oil from Canada and the U.S. Bakken region – reliably and safely – to our Gulf Coast refineries, enhancing America’s energy security. All with the simple stroke of the president’s pen. Granted, the vice president’s Bloomberg remarks covered more than pipelines, but Keystone XL certainly would hit on all of the above, mentioned just above.

Unfortunately, long ago Keystone XL was relegated to a blind spot with a White House that has urged and implored infrastructure investments but has refused, for political reasons, to see that a shovel-ready, major infrastructure project – one clearly in the national interest – was right at hand.

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