Time to lift the crude oil export ban

November 25, 2015

Grand Forks Herald

From US Senator John Hoeven (MT):

Lifting the U.S. ban on crude oil exports is a smart move that will benefit not only North Dakota, but also our nation and our allies.

That's why I'm working to include legislation lifting the ban in the new highway bill that Congress is on track to pass. It is must-pass legislation, which means it will be hard for the president to veto, and the benefits of allowing crude oil exports are multiple.

When taken together, they make a powerful case for allowing our producers to market their product on the world market. Doing so would enhance domestic production, increase the global supply of crude oil, grow our economy, create good-paying jobs for our people and make our nation more secure.

Let's look at the benefits one by one... (see all the benefits mentioned at Grand Forks Herald).


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