U.S. Agencies Agree to Slash Approval Times for Infrastructure Projects

April 9, 2018

More than a dozen federal agencies agreed to slash the time needed for environmental reviews and permitting on major infrastructure projects, a cornerstone of President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan.

Fourteen agencies, from the Transportation Department to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Monday signed an agreement that puts into effect an executive order setting a two-year goal for completing the review process issued by Trump in August, according to a White House release.

Among the agencies covered by the memo are the departments of Energy, Interior, Transportation, Commerce and Homeland Security, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Under the agreement, one lead federal agency will be responsible for shepherding projects through the entire process, and will set timetables for other agencies to follow. The agencies will conduct their reviews concurrently, rather than sequentially.
Multiple Agencies

Until now, major projects often required reviews and permitting by multiple agencies in a process administration officials have said is fraught with redundancy and unnecessary delays and can take years.

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