US LNG export capacity to expand rapidly: Report

April 18, 2018

Natural gas supply to US LNG terminals could reach 14.7 Bcf/d (416mn m3) within a decade under the most conservative estimates, a new report concludes.

Consultancy ICF, in a report released yesterday, said that high availability of US oil and gas could push exports to almost 23 Bcf/d shortly after 2040. The study was prepared for LNG Allies, a group of export project sponsors and state and local organizations.

Sustained high prices for crude oil, which LNG contracts are indexed to in Asia and other regions, would spur exports to 32 Bcf/d around 2035, the report found.

ICF based its estimates using data from the US Energy Information's 2018 Annual Energy Outlook. The consultancy assumed long-term capacity utilization rates of export terminals at 85pc. The EIA outlook assumes that a volume of natural gas equivalent to 10pc of LNG exports will be used as fuel at the terminals.

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