What If India And China Used Natural Gas And Oil Like The U.S.?

June 17, 2018

BP's just released Statistical Review of World Energy 2018 has got my wheels turning. The first thing you should know is that global energy consumption has essentially just begun: around 85% of the global population - 6 in every 7 humans - still lives in developing nations. They don't live in rich cities, like San Francisco, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, London, or Tokyo; they live in poorer ones, like Mumbai, Lagos, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Calcutta, and Karachi. This is where the future energy action is man: at least 90% of future demand will be in nations that are currently not developed. We rich, "all the energy that we want at our fingertips" Westerners still aren't grasping a sad and cold reality: most of the world is poor and energy deprived.

Given that economic growth, especially in the still developing nations where energy demand structures are still immature, is directly tied to more energy usage. So, this has got me thinking about the future energy demands of the world, which of course naturally focuses on the most most critical giants, India and China. These two coal-based titans have really just started to consume natural gas and oil. For the first graphic, don't forget that "wealth is health."...

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