Why it's a critical - and ideal - time to upgrade America's energy infrastructure

May 1, 2017

Our nation’s aging infrastructure is in significant need of investment and care if we want to ensure a secure future for coming generations.

While most people think of infrastructure in terms of highways, roads and bridges — things everyone can see — we must not forget the energy infrastructure that exists out of view of most of our fellow citizens.

The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers rates our nation’s energy infrastructure as a D+, which once again sends a clarion call that we must address this issue as we consider our nation’s overall needs. When Congress takes up this issue, we must all work together to advocate for policies and investments that position our country for continued growth, energy independence and national security.

Technological advancements in our industry have enabled access to a wealth of previously inaccessible natural resources, both in the United States and globally. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that shale development alone could increase globally recoverable natural gas by 32 percent. In the U.S., shale development could extend the potential life of natural gas reserves more than 90 years. Today, the U.S. is not only the leading natural gas consumer, we’re also the top producer in the world.

The natural gas surplus generated by the shale revolution has led to several benefits, including lower wellhead prices, reduced imports and rising inventories of natural gas storage. In addition, the cost of drilling new shale wells has dramatically declined. This means that fewer rigs are being employed, but new wells are more productive and cost-efficient...

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