Why You Must Support U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Exports

February 21, 2016

When it comes to the energy-environment discussion that will continue to dominate the world, our most fundamental reality isn't debatable: the world has JUST STARTED to use energy. Like what Wyatt Earp said in Tombstone, "Oh, that's a fact." And like what I'm saying now, "don't matter who said what, who wrote what, who promised what at COP21 in Paris in December the answer to all energy demand, all sources is... UP, UP, UP."

I know this because 6 in every 7 humans today still live in undeveloped nations, a 6,200 million, poor, and energy-deprived population that will explode by 2,400 million people by 2050. So, let's indeed hope our "climate is changing," and let's indeed hope we "tackle" what was, is, and will remain the world's greatest problem: poverty.


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