Zinke forms royalty policy committee, sets first meeting for Oct. 4

September 6, 2017

US Sec. of the Interior Ryan Zinke appointed 18 primary and 20 alternate members to the royalty policy committee he announced he would form in March. The committee, which includes 3 officials from the oil and gas industry as primary mineral and energy stakeholder members and 7 as alternates, is scheduled to hold its first meeting on Oct. 4. Vincent DeVito, counselor to the secretary for energy policy, will be its chair.

"Working closely with the committee, we will come up with solutions for modernizing the management of public and American Indian assets, while building greater trust and transparency in how we value our nation's public mineral resources," Zinke said on Sept. 1. "It's important that the taxpayers and tribes get the full and fair value of traditional and renewable energy produced on public lands and offshore areas."

The committee will have up to 28 members, including 8 from within DOI. These will include the assistant secretaries for Indian Affairs and for Land and Minerals Management, and directors of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement, and Office of Natural Resources Revenue.

Participants from outside the federal government will serve 3-year terms. In addition to those representing mineral and energy stakeholders, six are from states that receive more than $10 million/year in royalty revenue from onshore and offshore federal leases. Four more will come from Indian Tribes, and another four will come from academia and public interest groups...

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