More Jobs for Ohio

The production of Ohio shale and access to Canadian oil sands will ensure  Ohio employers have affordable energy to fuel their growth and create more jobs. 

In fact, we are already seeing Buckeye jobs as a result of the oil and natural gas industry.  These jobs are not just for those  who work directly in energy related fields,but also those that are in other  industries as well, such as suppliers, restaurants and various businesses that support the industry. For an example, please take a moment to watch the following video:

Ohio SOAE Video Testimonies

Source:  Energy Tomorrow

There’s no denying Ohio is in need of more affordable sources of energy. Typically energy costs make up 5 to 20 percent of a manufacturer's operating costs. Since 1990, the price of natural gas -- which accounts for 69 percent of the state’s home heating market -- has quadrupled.

Ohio shale and Canadian oil sands can provide energy resources to help stabilize business input costs, help Ohio families, and provide the energy Ohio employers need to keep running.

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